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Special Song Performances

Presenting & Hosting

Inspirational Talks

The addition of music and special songs can really add something unique to an event. Lara often sings and gives inspirational talks at charity events. If you'd like to explore the possibility of Lara speaking or singing at your event, please get in touch using the contact link below. 

Featured pic: Lara at Bradford Cathedral performing at a remembrance service for national baby loss charity 'Saying Goodbye'. 


Special Song Performances

Are you trying to raise money for a particular cause? Lara may be able to add strength to your event by performing special songs either acoustically or with a  full band. If you'd like to explore the possibility of Lara performing at your fundraising event, please enquire via the contact link below.

Featured pic: Lara is a much loved performer at the prestigious 'Stars' awards ceremony and fundraiser hosted annually by Bradford charity 'One in a Million'.


Lara is an experienced and confident event host and MC with over 20 years experience of leading church services, conferences, women's events, workshops and charity events to name just a few. From large scale events to small intimate gatherings, Lara has a unique way of engaging audiences no matter how large or small. If you'd like to explore the idea of Lara hosting at your event, please enquire via the contact link.

'Embracing Cambodia' by World Vision with Lara Martin 

Featured Pic: Lara, in partnership with International Children's Charity World Vision, created and launched a brand new series of events called ‘Embrace’. These evenings for women helped to raise awareness of the plight of vulnerable children world-wide living in extreme poverty putting them at risk of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation. To date, Lara has presented and hosted over 30 of these events across the UK for World Vision, supported by a strong team of artists and musicians. 

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